some after midnight thoughts…..

I love you, and everything about you

all things inside you and outside you

every little thing that composes you Read the rest of this entry »




Out through the fields and the woods

And over the walls I have wended;

I have climbed the hills of view Read the rest of this entry »

I don’t need the world…

You wanna stand steady

You like shallow seas

You like wondering around the world, Read the rest of this entry »

Short Film by Franklin Lopez: “Why I Love Shoplifting from Big Corporations”

For you.

your eyes

Green and blue

your eyes, like Read the rest of this entry »

Lazy Sunday


European Juggling Convention 2006- Ireland

some photos, comments and a wee video for those that were there to remember, and those that did not make it, to get a flavour!

‘We Wan’t Pay, We Wan’t Pay’

An interesting view on what should be included in our salary…;-)

Luigi: Off course, the company should pay for our ticket. Actually, they should pay as well for the time we spend in the train. For, those hours, we are not doing any tourism…we lose them for our boss. We wake up two hours earlier for him and we return home two hours later, always for him…

Giovanni: ….Well, like you say, they should pay in addition for the hours we sleep, for we rest in order to be more ‘fresh’ the next day at work. They should also pay the cinema and television, Read the rest of this entry »

‘Ship of Fools’ by Ted Kaczynski

(Published by OFF! Magazine, a zine produced by students at SUNY Binghamton and edited by Tim La Pietra)

Once upon a time, the captain and the mates of a ship grew so vain of their seamanship, so full of hubris and so impressed with themselves, that they went mad. They turned the ship north and sailed until they met with icebergs and dangerous floes, and they kept sailing north into more and more perilous waters, solely in order to give themselves opportunities to perform ever-more-brilliant feats of seamanship.

As the ship reached higher and higher latitudes, the passengers and crew became increasingly uncomfortable. They began quarreling among themselves and complaining of the conditions under which they lived.

“Shiver me timbers,” said an able seaman, “if this ain’t the Read the rest of this entry »

14 feb 2007

“…It’s because me and the child keep company to each other, and numerous times -we two embraced-, we counted the infinite stars, and it’s because all those things that they said about ‘better times’, we heard them over and over while pouring out buckets of water, so that the ships could travel forever. It’s also because we drank all those sour left-over wines, and got our throats hurt singing with sorrow -what a childish thing to do-. It’s because of all that, that when someone tries to caress us, we step back fearing he wants to hit us. So, if you happen to love me, I ask you to be very careful, please, in how you’ll embrace me. For it hurts me here. Here too. And there. No! Here too. There also. …”

Katerina Gogou


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